May 2019


I had some great shows in April. I also had some professional highlights this month in my business Iluminar Productions.

The month of May is preparation month as I am working very hard on getting all our ducks in a row for our Korreltjie Kantel tour to Netherlands and Belgium. We are very excited about this. I will be announcing some exciting project news soon! So please do stay tuned on my website and Facebook page(s) and make sure you are up to speed with the wonderful projects coming up.

I also starting shooting intimate live videos for YouTube purposes and plan to release the first song very soon.

At the end of the month I am visiting Potchefstroom and Johannesburg for two exclusive solo performances in two intimate and beautiful spaces. If you live in these areas, be sure to catch me there. I will be performing a selection of songs from my various albums (Afrikaans and English) and will introduce you to a new song or three. Please see my Show Page for booking details. Both venues only seat 40-60 people, so booking is essential if you want to secure your seat.

May is a month of preparation before the serious and busy second half of the year kicks off. It feels like a month where I can gather my strength, prepare something special and take fans and music lovers on an exciting journey with me.


Looking forward to sharing all the good news with you!