So nobody thought in the beginning of this year that come the 1st of April many parts of the world will be in lock down. Lock down. A term used in movies. Not in real life. Yet, here we are. All the beautiful and exciting creative plans evaporated into thin air and replaced by an ever present underlying anxiety, confusion and a lot of uncertainty about the near and even worse – the distant future. Yet we all keep our chins up and we do what we can to stay positive, to keep doing what we’ve been put on this earth to do – to care for each other, to share love, kindness and passion for the things we love.

What I can do from my home, is share music – my music – the music I play. So I invite you to join me every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening at 8.15pm (South African time) on my Facebook Page for a live show. Make sure you are cozy, have a drink at hand and I recommend you use earphones to ensure best sound quality / appreciation.

I would also like to invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel where I am sharing some content to entertain you, inspire you or just to make you feel better for a while. Feel free to share these videos with your friends, family and loved ones on social media.

We will get through this. It is important to remember that the world always changes and we will change with it. Even though change is hard, it makes us stronger, it teaches us valuable lessons and it opens new possibilities we never thought possible. Please be safe, positive and kind.

Love, Luna